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Linkedin is the b2b social network. you can use it for engaging with customers and prospects, finding new ones or creating a network of


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Facebook has more than 1 billion members and they are rapidly enabling businesses like yours to target your prime prospects. We can show you how to take advantage of this for your business and join others who are successfully using Facebook to generate new business.


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Twitter is an information network. You can build a following of people who share your content and your ideas. We can help you to build and audience, develop your communication and ultimately find new customers.




Social Media has become the fastest growing channel for your company to engage with new customers and prospects.

Even if you think you are doing it well, you probably aren’t.

Social media is a communication layer over the internet. If you use this correctly it can become a new way to build relationships with your customers and prospects. If you do it badly, it is just another waste of your time and resources.

After all, what is the point of speaking if no-one is listening.

We help clients to understand how to listen to social networks and then use this intelligence to respond.

Our view of social networks is completely unique – trust us, if you want to find out how it really works get in touch now.


[blockquote]Knowledgebank worked closely with the This Works management team to assist us in gaining a greater understanding of how social media can be used to reach key business objectives. They helped us establish an action plan to firstly to engage new customers and secondly, to secure a position of being a ‘forward thinking’ brand in a highly competitive marketplace.They provide simple, easy to digest and USABLE advice.
Claire Wilson, Head of Online, This Works[/blockquote]



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