Electronic Word of Mouth


The new kid on the block for many businesses is Social Media.

BUT what is it?

Social is a new layer, sitting on top of the internet. It enables you to engage with customers and prospects, manage and develop your reputation and share new exciting insights with your customers.

So, how can you help us?

  1. We can take your presences and update them, making sure your brand is consistent.
  2. Your business can begin to engage with customers and prospects bringing you to the top of their list as a supplier.
  3. We can train and develop your own team to continue the engagement and continue to build relationship while you retain control of it.
  4. You can ensure you are up to date with the latest developments and what they mean for your business.
[blockquote]Social Media in business is HUGE and I’m so glad that I attended the Social Media for Business Training by KnowledgeBank. To use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn successfully you need to know all the Dos & Don’ts and the Tips & Tricks. KnowledgeBank will help you maximise the benefit and minimise the effort.                                                                                                    Jon Hughes-Deane, Partner W & A Accountancy[/blockquote]




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